This historical blog focuses on Second World War aviation, particularly the Royal Air Force, its aircraft and crew. I also will review museums although the reviews will have to wait for when lockdown is over, and we can visit them once more.

I started this blog initially to expand upon the research for my undergraduate dissertation on Wellington’s army in the Peninsular. I have restarted it to build up my digital skills in these Covid times but also to allow me a place to publish interesting facts and stories about the RAF which do not fit into the talks and experiences I prepare for work.

I have always been more of a stories man, I find that history is far more engaging when examined the memoirs and experiences of those who were engaged in it and while there is a place for facts and figures, horsepower and altitudes, I will rarely cover the dry facts in great detail. The stories of the men and women who worked with and flew the aircraft in the war provide the vital context that give figures meaning.

So I hope you enjoy reading through my posts hopefully they will provide you with an interesting story, fact or point of view.